Search Marketing Houston: Services for Your Website's Needs

Search Marketing Houston is in the Directory One family, so we can provide you with all the services available to Directory One, a leading online marketing company in Houston. Each of our optimized search marketing services can be purchased individually. We also offer customizable plans that you can tailor to your specifications. At Search Marketing Houston, you only pay for the services you want. The services we offer include:

Website Design & Search Engine Optimization (internal back link) - The basics for building a successful business website. Purchase website design and SEO services together, as part of a search marketing package or individually based on the number of pages needed.

Website Content Development(internal back link) - Fresh and original content added regularly is a necessity to rank high organically on search engines. Professionally created web pages, articles, press releases and videos provide the content you need to drive targeted traffic to your website and make major search engines take notice.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising( internal back link) - A pay-per-click advertising campaign is the best way to pointedly direct people to your products and services. PPC campaigns can be set up within a week and results can be seen immediately. Search Marketing Houston provides managed PPC campaigns that offer small businesses an affordable way to compete with much larger companies on an even level. After your account is set up, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, and you determine how much you want to spend each month.

Link Building (internal back link) - A link building plan is a powerful way to increase a site's ranking and draw more targeted traffic. Major search engines such as Google consider a link as a vote for your website. The more relevant the sites that link to yours are, the better your website's ranking and number of visitors will be. Search Marketing Houston offers several different link building options including directory, local, and blog link building plans.

Additional Services - Search Marketing Houston offers a variety of other services designed to meet various clients' needs. Among those offered are collateral material, website translation, microsites, call tracking, video production, custom Google search, website maintenance, and educational training.

If you're ready for your business to grow, Search Marketing Houston can help. To learn more about services provided, call 713-269-3094 today.

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