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PPC advertising, also known as pay-per-click advertising, is an online marketing service offered by Search Marketing Houston. Because Search Marketing Houston is in the Directory One family, our PPC specialists can launch PPC campaigns that will drive visitors to your site and advertised products within your budget. It is as simple as knowing what you want to advertise and where you want to advertise. We can localize any PPC ads we create, so your products and services are always directed towards your chosen viewership. People are already looking for your products, so why not make it easier for them to invest money in your business Trust Search Marketing Houston with your PPC management, and you won't be disappointed.

What is Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

Paid advertising is not a new thing, but with the development of the Internet, an entirely new medium for advertisements was born. Pay-per-click advertisements, also known as PPC ads, are advertisements that are shown on the Internet, specifically amongst search engine results. They are unique from typical paid advertisements in that the advertiser only has to pay for the ad when a viewer clicks on it, hence the name pay-per-click. They can benefit your business by promoting your products and services based on keywords people search. PPC ads also provide free visibility for your business when no one clicks on them.

With Search Marketing Houston's help, we come up with the keywords your customers would use to find your products. We use those keywords to write an ad optimized for success. Beginning a PPC campaign is very simple. First, you come up with a budget for how much you want to spend on your advertisements. Next, Search Marketing Houston helps you come up with keywords, and finally, we set your bids for how much you want to pay for a click, also known as setting the cost-per-click, when your ad is triggered by a potential customer searching for one of your keywords. After that, you get to watch your website traffic go up and the money roll in. Search Marketing Houston makes it that simple.

PPC Management

Once you decide to launch a PPC campaign with Search Marketing Houston, we take PPC management very seriously. We know how lucrative a well-managed PPC campaign can be for your business, and our goal is to introduce your business's great products and services to as many people as we can. Our professionals monitor each of your ads to ensure they are being shown on search engines. We check your keyword bids daily to keep you at the top of the search result pages, and we constantly verify that your keywords are trending and working for you to draw in potential customers. The purpose of advertising is to bring in more customers and earn more money for your business. Search Marketing Houston understands this concept and makes it a point to not only establish your business as better than your competitors but to manage your PPC campaign in a way that it will increase your sales without breaking your budget for advertising.

Adwords Management

Since Google beats out Bing and Yahoo as the top search engine, Search Marketing Houston encourages businesses interested in PPC advertising to work with us to launch an Adwords campaign. An Adwords campaign is a PPC campaign, but you need a Google gmail account to begin. Search Marketing Houston will create a gmail account for your business to get you started. We then create individual ad groups for you based on the products and services you want to advertise. Within each of these groups, we work with you to come up with keywords that specifically relate to each group to improve your ad score, a score given to an ad by Google to let you know how effective it is. Our PPC professionals will also check the pages your PPC ads link to and add in the brainstormed keywords to further optimize your site and the ad.

With Search Marketing Houston's Adwords management service, we can include Google Analytics to your pages for a detailed report on how Adwords is working for your business. Google Analytics can tell us how many visitors you receive, how long they stay on each of your pages, whether or not they explored your site, and other helpful information regarding your website. This is extremely beneficial for your site because it tells you exactly what pages and ad groups need improvement. Search Marketing Houston can take this information and implement the appropriate changes. Our job is to ensure you make money with pay-per-click advertising, and with Search Marketing Houston managing your Adwords campaign, there is no way you won't. It's time to stop wasting money on ineffective advertising strategies, and trust our PPC professionals to garner you more customers. Call us today at 713-269-3094!

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