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Search Marketing Houston provides SEO services for businesses that would like to improve their Google or Bing ranking, increase online sales, or simply enhance their online presence. SEO marketing is a valuable service for any business trying to turn a profit. Our unique search engine optimization strategy is designed to drive targeted traffic to your commercial websites while turning visitors into customers.

Search Marketing Houston works with you to research how consumers use your site. We find the primary pull factor and further optimize the products that aren't getting as much traffic. Pay-per-click campaigns through Google Adwords or other PPC distributors can be launched for a more direct strategy. Pay-per-click ads target consumers based on keywords they type to find desired products and services.

Search Marketing Houston can craft individual PPC ads for each of your products to give them superior visibility and ensure customers will click on your advertisement. Our professional SEO experts and trained copywriters can even start a blog for your website to further boost your online presence. We can saturate the market with optimized content relating to your products and services.

At Search Marketing Houston, we put small business websites on an even level with much larger competitors or keep dominating producers on top. Among our basic search marketing services, we offer search engine optimization and website design, but since we are a member of the Directory One family, a leading internet marketing company, we can provide you with a range of services(internal link to services page). You can purchase these services individually or combined as part of a SEO package.

Search Engine Optimization

"What is SEO?" is a common question to those new to search engine optimization and search engine marketing for that matter. SEO is combination of long-term strategies and in-the-moment tactics used to boost the number of visitors a website receives by capturing a top listing on the search results page of search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Google, and other prominent search engines.

SEO begins with research to determine the best key phrases to target. After selection and client approval of those key phrases, the on-page optimization process begins. Optimized titles, meta descriptions, meta keywords, alt tags, on-page headers (H1s, H2s), and placement of key phrases in the content is added to each page. Pages are also interlinked using keyword-rich anchor text for optimization purposes and to create a more user-friendly experience. All of these additions to your pages work to bring targeted traffic to your website. This SEO strategy ensures your site will be seen in major search engine results when a potential customer searches for the products or services you offer.

Search Marketing Houston's goal is to have your website rank higher naturally. There are other methods we can utilize to boost your site's visibility like a pay-per-click ad campaign, but before we undertake this more direct approach, we want to maximize your return on investment by getting you a prominent listing in search results organically without the additional cost of advertising. Because once you add search engine optimization to your site, you've laid the foundation for a successful search marketing campaign for your business.

To learn more about Search Marketing Houston's SEO Services, please contact us(internal link) on the designated web page or call 713-269-3094.

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